Biography Arvind Mattadeen

Biography - Arvind Mattadeen

My name is Arvind Mattadeen and you guessed right, film-making is my passion. I got into film-making in 2007 with my first production, Wasted Youth; an urban documentary about the skateboarding scene in Mauritius. As said in our description, equipment was cruelly limited at the time and we had to improvise and make the best of what we had. This also was a challenge for us to face as we essentially shot our videos with our mobile phones and a borrowed digital camera. The excitation of this first project brought us, together with a group of skaters all around the island looking for locations and proper spots for shooting our film. Challenges and difficulties came one after the other be it personal or technical as I was also learning film-making techniques and video editing at the same time.

The movie premiered after a year of constant hard work in 2008 and some very influential personalities attended it. Some of them were the Mayor of Curepipe, CEOs of big corporations and representatives from important production companies. Our film met with an almost immediate welcome and success and all our DVDs were rapidly sold out. Media coverage was impressive as well and this is what got me the motivation I needed for more.

Supported by family and friends I got my first proper camera; a Panasonic DV cam and the serious work started. I also collaborated with students from the Lycée Labourdonnais (VGVM) and from there, it all came quite fast.

I registered my company under the name Hysteria Productions in 2009 and thanks to social media our reputation sky-rocketed and our work became very popular.

I have no pre-conceptions or judgments about the scale of a project; I leave it to passion and dedication to drive my team and I for every project we undertake. Be it for a professional corporate video, a music video or a fashion shoot.

One of my biggest dreams came true when I got to visit Tanzania and shoot wildlife videos in Serengeti, Katavi, Katuma, Tarangire, Gombe, Kigoma, Nrongoro crater and Lake Tanganyika. This also proved to be the meanest challenge I have had to face up to now. For example, Lake Tanganyika is the second deepest lake in the world and is inhabited by hundreds and hundreds of crocodiles….not to say thousands. I had as task to shoot images of the lake with all the activities in the frame and it was all being done from a jet ski. Yeah, did I mention I couldn’t swim? Well, I still can’t. This brought some serious thrills into the job as well. This shows how far I can go to get the job done! Also, for everyone who has tried it, wildlife videos are not the easiest videos to shoot. Even, just getting to the locations took 8 to 10 hours and we had to shoot with lions, elephants and hippos walking around us.

I was later contacted and hired by a South African company to shoot short awareness and documentary videos about the conservation of rhinoceroses. The main aim was to produce short videos to be broadcasted on social media to create awareness about Rhino poaching all across Africa. The documentary was shot in the world’s largest Rhino sanctuary in South Africa and it was for me a tremendous honour to be there, meet Sir John Hume and his wife Mrs Albina Hume for whom I have enormous respect. Following the success of our short video I was invited for 3 press conferences held in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town where I got to meet South African personalities like Johnny Cleg, Ministers and CEOs of major corporations to name a few.

Other than wildlife, I have also worked on Fashion movies for local and international models. The Fashion video I did for Miss Reunion 2011 was aired on Antenne Reunion for a TV spot, Une Femme Une Star. I have shot videos for Miss England since 2012 up to now and I have also shot a short promotional video for Miss Moscow 2014.
It is just insane how many opportunities film-making brings to you!  I have teamed up with one of the most important Australian travel agents and we are producing travel-related videos and material for blogging. I have also recently completed a series of productions in collaboration with the South African Tourism Authority and basically the same type of promotional work in Namibia as well.

My second biggest achievement and dream come true as well is my contract with Redbull. Since I first shot the Skateboarding documentary, I had the dream of one day working with/for Redbull as I love extreme sports. They say that “Redbull gives you wings” and it certainly did for me. I traveled twice to Africa, mainly Kenya and Tanzania to shoot 3 documentaries about Redbull professional athletes from around the world. You cannot imagine what an honour it is when you meet  those athletes; I can even call them artists. Just like me, they dedicate their lives to what they love and their passion is a real inspiration to me.

Videos I have shot for Redbull are now officially on Redbull’s website and a few of them were aired on SuperSports SA and local TV channels in Kenya and Tanzania.

Other achievements I am very proud of are shootings I have had with world famous DJs Martin Garrix, Otto Knows, DJ Assad and even Switzerland-based rapper NazB who came all the way to Mauritius so that I can shoot two of his music videos. Very recently though came a very rewarding experience; Hysteria Productions got to work on the pre-production and the production of world-famous artist Inna’s new music video, Heaven. From the casting to the location scouting via the rental of equipment and shooting of a few scenes, it had been one of our best experiences so far. Following all these music videos, TV commercials in Armenia and Mauritius, Fashion Videos, Events coverage videos, documentary and weddings, I can proudly say that Hysteria Productions is now an accomplished production company with top-notch gear and proper experience. Believe it or not, it’s only the beginning…

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