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About us

 Our story begins in 2007 as film-makers/videographers and cinematographers. The very first project for Hysteria was an urban documentary about the skateboarding scene in Mauritius; Wasted Youth. We did not possess the gear we use today but we made the best use of what we had then; shooting from mobile phones and a borrowed digital camera. It was quite an adventure for the team as we scouted the island for the best spots to be featured in our production together with a group of skaters. The project ran for a year, with all the challenges and difficulties possible since we were learning film-making techniques and video editing at the same time. After a year though we had some concrete output to showcase and we planned a premier.

The documentary was premiered in 2008 and as a means to promote our work, we had invited different influential personalities, namely, the Mayor of Curepipe city, CEOs of important corporations and representatives from certain production companies.

Wasted Youth proved to be a real success and to our tremendous joy and satisfaction, all our DVDs were sold out in a matter of months. Our biggest audience was mostly young people ranging from teenagers to young adults and this success lead to an interest from the Mauritian media. Written press coverage and local TV coverage were a crucial indication to us; we had made the perfect start. This is what we wanted to do and this is what we were going to push forward to. All this interest from people and the media was what fueled our desire to pursue our ambitions to rise among the best film-making teams on the island. One very important factor as well is that we had the support of our friends and family which, with a bit of help, lead us to get ourselves a proper camera; a Panasonic DV Cam. From this point on, we worked on marketing ourselves and undertook minor contracts so as to get the word going around as a means of networking. Our biggest eureka moment was when we worked on a series of events with a group of students from the Lycée Labourdonnais called VGVM. It is then that we came to the light, people starting talking about us and our reputation and name went off the roof.

Passion drove us for the many projects we had done by then and we decided to turn our work and experience into a real business so that we could reach more people and be able to invest in more equipment. IT WAS ON! The company name HYSTERIA PRODUCTIONS was registered in 2009 and thanks to social media, it wasn’t long before we became popular and people started contacting us for different types of video projects. We were as excited as kids on Christmas morning.

We have worked on projects each being different from the other, going from professional corporate videos to backyard short films. In all honesty, the magnitude of the project is irrelevant to us; the passion and ability to tell a great story sets us apart from the crowds and fuels our desire for more.
Hysteria Productions is based in Mauritius but we are very fortunate to have clients from all around the globe. We have done music videos, documentaries and fashion movies to name a few. One of our proudest achievements was to go and shoot wildlife videos in Tanzania; a dream come true if you ask me. We have been in Serengeti, Katavi, Katuma, Tarangire, Gombe, Kigoma, Nrongoro crater and Lake Tanganyika. You know what, there’s much more to come.

Hysteria Productions.


Introducing our dynamic bunch; the Hysteria team, who turns out to be momentarily hysterical indeed. The lads have years of experience and a very impressive work ethic. Each one of them has devoted years of learning to acquire the skills and know-how they possess today; it is no coincidence that they are part of team Hysteria. They will guide and advise a client about dos and don’ts and always promote a positive atmosphere within our projects.

Arvind MattadeenDirector - Film Maker
Kunal JankeeDirector of Photography
Vashish DhurmeaAssistant and Coordinator
Vimal CooshnaCameraman / Editor
Vishal SoomoeCameraman / Coordinator
Zia Eckburally2nd AC, Bestboy lighting/grips

The scale of the project is irrelevant to us. The passion and ability to tell a great story is everything. And that is what sets us apart from the crowd  
Arvind Mattadeen - Company Director

Our partners / Our Clients

REDBULL (international) Miss England Organisation (UK) Antenne Reunion (Reunion) Sun Resorts Ltd (Mauritius) Les Enfants Terribles - PURE (Mauritius) Connections Ltd (Mauritius) MEDTRONICS (international) MTPA (Mauritius) MPF - Mauritius Police Force NatureTrails Mauritius and many more...

How we work

Every project we undertake obviously has a starting point and a concluding point. The whole endeavor runs through a very structured process to guarantee the best product possible. First comes the strategic planning stage where we think of all the details, even what may seem insignificant to some. (We’re maniacs). We then design the project, which is pretty self-explanatory. This goes up to the development stage where we enter a crucial phase, the shooting. Once wrapped, we move on the post-production stages of editing, testing and seeking immediate reactions and opinions. Finally, we deliver the product to a very satisfied client. So, what are you waiting for?

how we work

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